Value Designer


Our concierges have been reborn as ‘Value Designers’ who can support and educate our customers on managing, maintaining, and appreciating their valuable assets. We aim to realise a sustainable society by promoting environmentally friendly ‘reuse’ items, further enriching our clients’ lives and futures.

Concierge Value Designer

From Concierge
To Value Designer

ALLU has continuously offered reuse solutions to our customers through our refined customer service and hospitality.

Our new mission for the future is to provide not only a place to sell branded and luxury goods but also an ecosystem in which customers have opportunities to encounter new lifelong partners that include more than just personal belongings.

1 Finding and Buying Luxury Goods

For customers looking to add to their vintage collection or to find a product no longer available at official stores, we can help our customer’s desired items. We offer the best selection of items from our group stores in Japan and worldwide. Please note that the fulfilment of requests is subject to stock and availability.

2 Accepting Items that Competitors Can’t

We cooperate with customers who have concerns about selling imperfect or incomplete items. Even if items are damaged, faded or discoloured, or missing the box, we will strive to convert our customer’s precious items into value.

3 Proposing Latest Trends

Some customers look to sell to reinvest in newer models. Through our understanding of the latest trends, we provide advice and propose items predicted to gain value in the future.

4 Accommodating Corporate Clients Needs

We help corporate clients and local businesses that need to sell large quantities and amounts of inventory. From sudden store closing to excess production, we can assist with inventory disposal and will provide value for your unnecessary items.

5 Organising Inheritance

We support our customers that need help organising items received through inheritance. The value of antiques and art pieces is particularly difficult. In line with the customer’s wishes, we work together to determine the best course for all items, such as selling, restoration, storage, disposal, etc.