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At ALLU, we strive to offer the most competitive prices for Bvlgari items. We are currently strengthening our efforts to buy more jewellery, such as rings, necklaces, and pendant tops, and are offering higher valuations!

Sell Your Bulgari Jewellery at ALLU

Bulgari was founded in Rome, Italy, in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris. This popular luxury brand flaunts a rich lineup of luxury jewellery, watches, leather goods and fragrances loved by celebrities worldwide, with approximately 40 stores throughout Japan.

As fitting for one of the world’s five greatest jewellers, Bulgari produces jewels of unparalleled quality and collections brimming with the exceptional craftsmanship and passion of its artisans. In addition to bridal collections such as “Marry Me” and “Double Logo,” the brand also offers “B.Zero,” a playful and stylish collection, characterised by the unique coil-like shape, “Bvlgari Bvlgari,” with its impressive classic design that is unique to Bulgari, “Serpenti,” well known for Bulgari’s iconic snake motif design and the expressive “Mediterranean Eden” collection, which combines a variety of colours and materials. A series of collections and lineups that always charm the eye and heart.

Bulgari jewellery, always admired and coveted by enthusiasts worldwide, is treated as an extremely valuable commodity in the second-hand market. At ALLU, our first-rate Value Designers will evaluate your precious Bulgari jewellery quickly and reliably: you do not need to worry even if your jewellery is scratched or discoloured. If you are looking for a high-value selling price for your Bulgari jewellery, please take advantage of our services at ALLU.

Selling Bulgari at ALLU: Google Reviews

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    The staff at ALLU were incredibly kind, which made me glad I chose to come here! I’d definitely like to come back.

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    I sold my Bulgari watch and necklace here at ALLU. I was anxious about selling them since both pieces were very significant to me, but the staff who I spoke with put my fears to rest with their kind words and detailed explanations. In the end, I was able to part with the pieces for a very good price. In addition, the woman working at the reception desk really impressed me with her calm and collected demeanour during a hectic period. This is a place I definitely want to patronise in the future.

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    I had some jewellery and a Bulgari ring appraised at ALLU and was very happy with the results. I’ll be back in the future for sure.

Bulgari Market Price

Prices are based on the condition of the item fulfilling the following requirements.
Prices may vary depending on stock and availability.


Unused Item Requirements

  • Unused
  • Complete with all accessories.
  • The warranty card is not unmarked and dated within one month of issuance.
    (*Excluding some models)

Pre-Owned Item Requirements

  • Good condition item with minimal noticeable imperfections.
  • Watch band adjustments are not considered.
  • Box and warranty card included.


Item Name Market Selling Price
750(YG) Necklace B.zero1
750(YG) Necklace

Unused $ 13,054.70

Used $ 10,371.52

750(WG) Necklace B.zero1
750(WG) Necklace

Unused $ 7,481.94

Used $ 5,933.95

750 (PG) x Ceramic Necklace B.zero1
750 (PG) x Ceramic Necklace

Unused $ 16,357.07

Used $ 13,003.10

750(YG) Ring B.zero1
750(YG) Ring

Unused $ 5,314.76

Used $ 4,231.17

750(WG) Ring B.zero1
750(WG) Ring

Unused $ 4,540.76

Used $ 3,611.97

750 (PG) x Ceramic Ring B.zero1
750 (PG) x Ceramic Ring

Unused $ 5,572.76

Used $ 4,437.56

Pavé diamonds 750(WG) Necklace B.zero1 Mini
Pavé diamonds 750(WG) Necklace

Unused $ 19,795.04

Used $ 15,749.73

750 (PG) x Ceramic Necklace B.zero1 Rock
750 (PG) x Ceramic Necklace

Unused $ 20,639.83

Used $ 16,460.27

750 (PG) x Ceramic Ring B.zero1 Rock
750 (PG) x Ceramic Ring

Unused $ 13,467.49

Used $ 10,732.71

750 (PG) x Metal Ring B.zero1 Rome
750 (PG) x Metal Ring

Unused $ 6,707.95

Used $ 5,314.76

750(YG×PG×WG) Ring B.zero1 Perfect Mistake
750(YG×PG×WG) Ring

Unused $ 10,165.12

Used $ 8,101.14

Onyx 750(PG) Necklace Divas’ Dream Diamond
Onyx 750(PG) Necklace

Unused $ 8,049.54

Used $ 6,398.35

Shell 750(PG) Necklace Divas’ Dream Diamond
Shell 750(PG) Necklace

Unused $ 10,016.79

Used $ 7,946.28

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* The above prices are for reference only (tax included) and do not guarantee the actual selling price.

Increase the Selling Price of Your Jewellery!

  • Large diamonds of 1 carat or more are rare and can lead to higher selling prices.

  • Famous brands and luxurious designs can lead to higher selling prices.

  • Coloured diamonds are also rare and can lead to higher selling prices.

  • Diamonds of VS grade or above are rare and can lead to higher selling prices.

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ALLU Offers Much More than High Selling Prices!


Reliable, credible, and trustworthy appraisals

Our knowledgeable and experienced experts provide accurate appraisals
Appraisal and Customer Service Training

Our staff undergo thorough training under the tutelage of specialists in various fields, such as watches and jewellery, that allow us to provide the most accurate, detailed, and credible appraisals. We conduct periodic in-house tests to ensure our employees maintain their expertise and develop new skills. As professionals, we constantly strive to improve our skills to provide the most competitive appraisals.


Focus on providing high-quality customer service

Focus on providing high-quality customer service

We make the selling process as simple as possible, and our staff ensures that our customers understand and are satisfied with each appraisal.


We purchase a wide variety of items and brands

We purchase a wide variety of items and brands

We cater for an extensive range of items and brands and actively consider items in all conditions, even items our competitors may refuse to buy.


No selling quantity or price limits

No selling quantity or price limits

For customers with large amounts or significantly expensive items, we buy and pay on the day without any limits in quantity or value.


Quick and easy appraisals

Quick and easy appraisals

Through our expert proficiency and globally vast product data collection, we provide speedy appraisals with minimal waiting time.


Stress-free and private spaces

Stress-free and private spaces

We strive to create the most stress-free selling experience with store spaces designed to ensure comfort and privacy.


Conveniently located stores

Conveniently located stores

ALLU stores are located in central areas for convenient access. Feel free to stop by while shopping or on the way home.

Customer Testimonials: Selling Bulgari Jewellery at ALLU

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    I had an old necklace that I was using less and less.

    I had a Bulgari necklace that I had frequently used in the past. However, as the necklace got older, I found fewer opportunities to use it, and eventually, I decided that the time had come to sell it. I intended to use that money then to buy a new one. Today I searched online for somewhere to sell it and found that a ALLU store was only two stations from mine. I visited the store, had my necklace appraised, and received what I considered a worthy appraisal value, so I decided to sell it at the price they offered. Thank you, ALLU, for buying my necklace.


    Thank you for selling your Bulgari jewellery at ALLU.

    Thank you for visiting us today with your Bulgari necklace. The necklace contained a sapphire and is a very popular Bulgari design. It is currently in high demand, contributing to the high selling price. In the current second-hand market, Bulgari is a highly in-demand brand and high-priced transactions like the one today are expected to continue in the future. If you have any other items you want to sell, we hope you consider taking advantage of our services again. Thank you for visiting us today.

Shop Information

You Need to Show Valid Identification to Sell at ALLU!

Required Form of Identification
  • Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Only one of the above forms of identification is required.
  • We can not buy items from customers under the age of 18 years old.
  • We do not accept identification documents that are expired or out-of-date.
  • Corporate customers follow the same selling process as individual customers. No additional documentation is required.
Visit our FAQ section for more information

Learn About Market Prices and Valuation! Bulgari Jewellery Selling Price FAQ

What is the general selling rate for Bulgari jewellery?

The approximate selling rate of Bulgari jewellery is around 30% to 60% of its original list price, although newer models and items in good condition tend to fetch higher selling prices. At ALLU, we can conduct in-house maintenance for a customer’s item, which enables us to offer selling prices that have only been minimally reduced.

Do current trends affect selling prices?

Current trends have little impact on selling prices when it comes to long-loved brand icons such as Bulgari Bulgari. However, prices for other jewellery brands are easily influenced by current trends since their items are often used as fashion statements, meaning that their selling prices can differ from month to month.

What factors influence the selling prices of Bulgari jewellery?

Compared with other brands, Bulgari is less influenced by fashion trends since it often releases new jewellery with only minor changes to major themes, such as their Bulgari Bulgari, Parentesi and Tubogas items. However, the most important factor in determining a selling price is an item’s value on the pre-owned market. At ALLU, we confidently assess any and all items, including those circulating widely within the pre-owned market.

Do newer models sell for higher prices?

When it comes to Bulgari, newer models do not usually sell for higher prices. Although newer models may have a slight advantage, we value popularity more than how recently an item was released. So, an older but more popular piece of jewellery may be more valuable than a new, less popular model. At ALLU, we take into account the needs of the consumer and look for the optimum time of sale in order to offer our customers the highest selling prices possible.

Can Bulgari still sell at high prices if they are damaged or broken?

Scratches, stains and other defects caused by normal use may affect the selling price in the range of 10% to 40%. However, the selling price is affected more by fragments or splinters in the main stone, as well as scratches on the material itself. In such cases, repairs can be quite difficult, and the final selling price may be less than 10% of the item’s original list price.

Is there a way to rank the condition of Bulgari items?

Yes, the rank of Bulgari jewellery is determined based on the amount of scratches, the item’s overall condition and the presence or absence of accessories. At ALLU, our experienced staff members thoroughly assess our customer’s items, so rest easy knowing your beloved items are in good hands.

Do accessories increase the selling price of an item?

Yes. In particular, an item’s original box and warranty card can greatly increase its selling price. For Bulgari diamond rings, such as the Solitaire or Dedicata a Venezia featuring strikingly beautiful diamonds encased in a claw, a certificate of authenticity is also important, so please bring it along with you when you visit.

Does the strength of the yen affect selling prices?

Yes, like other foreign brands, prices for Bulgari items are affected by exchange rates. As the yen falls, the market price of Bulgari jewellery rises for both new and pre-owned items, and our selling prices rise accordingly. If you are not in a hurry to sell, it would be advantageous to wait until the yen is weak so that you can get the highest possible selling price. However, the selling prices for older models are especially influenced by the strength of the yen, so it is important to thoroughly assess the market situation when selling older items.

What items sell particularly well?

Although not strictly limited to Bulgari items, earrings without size specifications are extremely popular and tend to fetch the highest selling prices among brand jewellery. Although rings are also quite popular and frequently-used, earrings tend to fetch higher selling prices due to size specifications.

ALLU Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell items that are broken or in poor condition?

Yes, we can often purchase such items.

Items that are worn
Items that are scratched or dirty
Items with missing gemstones
Items with older designs

If you ever were refused by other stores when trying to sell your item for reasons such as the above, please visit us at ALLU.

Can I still sell items without a certificate of authenticity?

Yes. Even if you do not have a certificate of authenticity, our experienced Value Designers will carefully and accurately evaluate your jewellery.

Can I sell loose or rough gemstones?

Yes. In many cases — especially in the case of diamonds — if the grade is high, you can sell even loose gemstones at high prices.

Can I sell non-branded jewellery?

Yes, you can sell jewellery at ALLU regardless of the brand.

I received a higher selling price at another store.

We will do our best to meet your expectations, so please let us know how much the other company’s evaluation was.

Do selling prices vary from store to store?

No. All of our stores use the same standards for evaluation.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. We ask that customers make an appointment via WhatsApp first so we can make sure that the appraisal can go smoothly.

How long does it take for an appraisal at the store?

We estimate 10 to 15 minutes for a single item. It depends on the item and the quantity, so please ask our staff when you visit.