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Bulgari watches, both new and second-hand, are highly sought after. Feel free to visit us if you have a new or unused watch you'd like to sell. Our experts, equipped with extensive experience in appraisals, will offer the best prices for your items.

Sell Your Bulgari Watch at ALLU

Bulgari has a long history beginning from the mid-19th century. Originally a silversmith store, Bulgari began to make watches in the early 1900s. However, Bulgari watches were mainly limited to the upper class in Europe back then, and did not make much headway on the general market.

It was not until the 1970s that Bulgari began to focus on watch production in earnest. In 1977, the company launched the Bulgari Bulgari, a world-famous series that is still popular today. Its innovative design incorporating the logo as a decorative element was loved by many, and Bulgari grew into a popular brand.

In 1980, Bulgari established Bulgari Time, a company specializing in watches, becoming one of the few manufacturers to focus on wristwatches. Elegant and sophisticated, unique and not too decorative, the exquisitely designed watches are still widely loved today.

Bulgari was first recognised in Japan in 1987. Introduced by Itochu as a jewellery brand, its high-quality, high-precision watches quickly gained a reputation in Japan among discerning customers. Now, more than 30 years later, Bulgari is a well-established brand with solid capabilities.

Bulgari watches are characterised by their high precision and quality, as well as sophisticated designs that suit any owner. For these reasons, they are popular on the watch market and are currently in short supply. If you are interested in selling your watch for a good price, now is the best time.

Bulgari Market Price

Prices are based on the condition of the item fulfilling the following requirements.
Prices may vary depending on stock and availability.


Unused Item Requirements

  • Unused
  • Complete with all accessories.
  • The warranty card is not unmarked and dated within one month of issuance.
    (*Excluding some models)

Pre-Owned Item Requirements

  • Good condition item with minimal noticeable imperfections.
  • Watch band adjustments are not considered.
  • Box and warranty card included.


Item Name Market Selling Price
MP1012 Stainless Steel Shell dial Diagono
MP1012 Stainless Steel Shell dial

Unused $ 8,498.58

Used $ 7,988.67

SCB38S Stainless Steel Black dial Diagono
SCB38S Stainless Steel Black dial

Unused $ 6,685.55

Used $ 6,288.95

AC38G Yellow Gold Black dial Diagono Aluminum
AC38G Yellow Gold Black dial

Unused $ 22,322.95

Used $ 20,906.52

DG42SCCH Stainless Steel Black dial Diagono Calibro
DG42SCCH Stainless Steel Black dial

Unused $ 12,181.30

Used $ 11,388.10

CH35G Yellow Gold White dial Diagono Sports Chrono
CH35G Yellow Gold White dial

Unused $ 21,303.12

Used $ 19,943.34

TI44TA Titanium Black dial Diagono Titanium
TI44TA Titanium Black dial

Unused $ 6,742.21

Used $ 6,345.61

SC38G Yellow Gold Black dial Diagono Professional
SC38G Yellow Gold Black dial

Unused $ 26,118.98

Used $ 24,419.26

AA48GCH Yellow Gold White dial Assioma
AA48GCH Yellow Gold White dial

Unused $ 33,541.08

Used $ 31,388.10

EGW40GCH White Gold Grey dial Ergon
EGW40GCH White Gold Grey dial

Unused $ 31,104.82

Used $ 29,121.81

BB191TS Stainless Steel Black dial Tubogas Serpenti
BB191TS Stainless Steel Black dial

Unused $ 22,096.32

Used $ 20,679.89

BJ01 Yellow Gold Champagne dial Parentesi
BJ01 Yellow Gold Champagne dial

Unused $ 24,419.26

Used $ 22,832.86

RTC49GGD Yellow Gold White dial Rettangolo
RTC49GGD Yellow Gold White dial

Unused $ 27,988.67

Used $ 26,175.64

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* The above prices are for reference only (tax included) and do not guarantee the actual selling price.

Selling Bulgari at ALLU: Google Reviews

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    ALLU gave me a price for my Bulgari watch that exceeded what I’d hoped for! The fast and thorough service is a huge plus. The interior of the store was spotless, too!

  • Naka***


    I sold my Bulgari watch at ALLU—since Bulgari is mainly a jewellery brand, I honestly wasn’t expecting to get a ton for this. Still, ALLU surprised me and offered a price that exceeded what I’d expected. Super satisfied here.

  • H*************


    I got a very fair selling price from ALLU for my Bulgari watch—thank you very much.

ALLU Offers Much More than High Selling Prices!


Reliable, credible, and trustworthy appraisals

Our knowledgeable and experienced experts provide accurate appraisals
Appraisal and Customer Service Training

Our staff undergo thorough training under the tutelage of specialists in various fields, such as watches and jewellery, that allow us to provide the most accurate, detailed, and credible appraisals. We conduct periodic in-house tests to ensure our employees maintain their expertise and develop new skills. As professionals, we constantly strive to improve our skills to provide the most competitive appraisals.


Focus on providing high-quality customer service

Focus on providing high-quality customer service

We make the selling process as simple as possible, and our staff ensures that our customers understand and are satisfied with each appraisal.


We purchase a wide variety of items and brands

We purchase a wide variety of items and brands

We cater for an extensive range of items and brands and actively consider items in all conditions, even items our competitors may refuse to buy.


No selling quantity or price limits

No selling quantity or price limits

For customers with large amounts or significantly expensive items, we buy and pay on the day without any limits in quantity or value.


Quick and easy appraisals

Quick and easy appraisals

Through our expert proficiency and globally vast product data collection, we provide speedy appraisals with minimal waiting time.


Stress-free and private spaces

Stress-free and private spaces

We strive to create the most stress-free selling experience with store spaces designed to ensure comfort and privacy.


Conveniently located stores

Conveniently located stores

ALLU stores are located in central areas for convenient access. Feel free to stop by while shopping or on the way home.

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Customer Testimonials: Selling Bulgari Watches at ALLU

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    The price I got for my watch was better than I’d expected, and the staff were very helpful.

    I recently decided to sell my old Bvlgari B.Zero1 watch after making several impulse purchases while abroad, including a new Bulgari watch. My old watch wasn’t a very expensive model, so I was worried if I’d even be able to sell it, but I ended up getting a price that was better than I’d ever expected, and on top of that, the staff at ALLU were incredibly kind and helpful. I was in a bit of a tough financial situation, so this really helped me out. Thank you so much!


    Thank you for selling your Bulgari watch at ALLU.

    Thank you for visiting us today. We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed our store experience. Bulgari’s B.Zero1 model is popular thanks to its elegant, ring-inspired case design. The B.Zero1 Heart White Ladies’ model you brought us features a silver watch hands over a white heart-motif dial that has charmed customers worldwide. This model has a high market value, which is why we were able to offer a price that exceeded your expectations. We buy various brand goods not only limited to watches but bags, jewellery and an array of other items, so if you ever want to part with any of your branded items, please consider selling them at ALLU. We will strive to continue to provide the best service for our customers. We look forward to serving you again in the future.

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    I was very satisfied with the result and sold the watch at a surprisingly high price.

    I sold my Bulgari Bulgari watch through ALLU’s delivery service. I’d had the watch for many years and decided it was time for a replacement. Since the watch was so old, I was worried if I could even sell it. Moreover, since I live in a rural area, I couldn’t go to one of ALLU’s storefronts and instead used their delivery service. Since I couldn’t meet face-to-face with a staff member, I was even more worried. It turns out that wasn’t necessary, though! As soon as I sent my watch to ALLU in the Delivery Kit that they provided me, a very kind and competent staff member called me and told me that the watch would be in great condition after some repairs. The staff member knew a great deal about watches and explained to me thoroughly about the assessment process before offering me a very high selling price for the watch. I was pleasantly surprised! It was a true testament to the outstanding Bulgari.


    Thank you for selling your Bulgari watch at ALLU.

    Bulgari watches are renowned for combining elegance and functionality, winning the devotion of watch enthusiasts worldwide. The Bulgari Bulgari that you sold through our delivery service is nothing less than a masterpiece that cemented Bulgari’s reputation as a top-notch watchmaker. Our staff members are professionals in branded item appraisal as well as watch repair, so we are not discouraged about buying customers’ damaged or broken watches. You might be happy to know that your Bulgari is now in working order with no problems at all. Many of Bulgari’s collections feature jewellery watches set with diamonds and other precious stones, so we also have professional jewellery appraisers that can adequately appraise the value of these watches. Our item appraisal process is identical across all our services, be it delivery, in-store, or even appraisals at the customer’s home. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

How to Get the Highest Selling Price for Your Watches!

  • point1 Remember the original box and other accessories! Image of Box and Accessories

    Warranty card, box, bracelet adjustment frame, and more: the more complete the accessories, the higher the purchase price. The purchase price may vary significantly depending on the model and serial number. In addition, novelties (items not for sale) included when purchasing a watch may also have a surprisingly high value. Even if you do not intend to sell them, bring them in with your other items, and we can appraise them.

  • point2 Cleaning can increase the appraisal value! Image of Watch Overhaul and Maintenance

    We recommend that you clean your watch on a regular basis, as a cleaner condition will result in a higher appraisal value. Simply wiping sweat or grease from the watch with a soft cloth can prevent the formation of rust. In addition, if you have the overhaul statement or other documentation, bringing them together may increase the appraisal value.

  • point3 Sell unused watches as soon as possible! Image of Unusued and Old Watch

    Generally, as items age, the selling price drops little by little. If you are not using the item in question, it is better to sell it before the selling price drops significantly.

Shop Information

You Need to Show Valid Identification to Sell at ALLU!

Required Form of Identification
  • Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Only one of the above forms of identification is required.
  • We can not buy items from customers under the age of 18 years old.
  • We do not accept identification documents that are expired or out-of-date.
  • Corporate customers follow the same selling process as individual customers. No additional documentation is required.
Visit our FAQ section for more information

Learn About Market Prices and Valuation! Bulgari Selling Price FAQ

What is the general selling price for Bulgari watches?

There are a number of factors that go into determining the selling price of a Bulgari watch, such as the sell date and changes in retail pricing as well as the wide selection of models the brand carries. Due to this, there is no one-size-fits-all outlook on Bulgari watches. That being said, watches like the rare Serpenti and the diamond-covered B.zero1 can be worth as much as 140% of their list price.

Do fads and trends affect selling prices?

The selling price of Bulgari watches does indeed fluctuate with trends. Bulgari is considered a jewellery watch brand rather than a specialized watchmaker, meaning many people use Bulgari watches as fashion statements that reflect current fashion trends. These trends can come and go quickly, so the going price for a Bulgari watch can change by the month.

What factors affect the selling price of a Bulgari watch?

The most significant influence on the selling price of a Bulgari is whether or not the watch is on sale at an official or subsidiary store. However, iconic watches within the brand, such as the Bulgari Bulgari and other popular models, are often bought at relatively higher prices.

Do newer models sell for higher prices?

Buyers of Bulgari watches are sensitive to trends, and accordingly, the demand for newer models is high. However, few people are looking to sell said newer models, which contributes to high selling prices. The highly popular Diagono, for example, might be worth up to double the list price at certain pre-owned goods traders.

Can Bulgari watches still sell at high prices if damaged or broken?

If your watch is in poor condition, it will reflect in the selling price. The existence of damaged areas and scratches are the main points considered in determining a watch’s condition. However, we use buyer’s criteria, which means less of a focus on the number of damaged areas and more of a focus on how apparent the damage is. If you are curious about the condition of your watch, we recommend our free appraisal service.

Is there a way to rank the quality of Bulgari Watches?

Bulgari watches are thoroughly evaluated based on whether they are new or used, whether they are damaged, and the use they’ve seen. Only a professional can accurately assess the various aspects of a watch, so we highly recommend our free appraisal for those curious about the condition of their watch.

Does the strength of the yen affect the selling price?

Foreign brand items are easily affected by the strength of the yen, and Bulgari watches are no exception. Exchange rate fluctuations typically take effect in pre-owned market transactions after a month. A weaker yen means that the price of new watches will increase, and prices in pre-owned markets will rise accordingly.

Does the inclusion of the watch’s accessories increase the selling price?

Bulgari watches do, in fact, vary in price based on what accessory items are included in the sale. These accessories mainly consist of the box it came in, the link used to adjust the watch size, and any authenticating documentation. Ideally, all the accessories would be present, but you can still sell your watch if any are missing.

ALLU Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell a watch that is broken or in poor condition?

Yes, you can. Since we can repair watches in-house, you can sell watches in all conditions.

For example:

Watches that have stopped working
Watches that need an overhaul
Watches with a dead battery
Watches that are rusty, scratched, or dirty.
Watches with a broken belt or glass.

If you ever were refused by other stores when trying to sell your item for reasons such as the above, please visit us at ALLU.

Do watches with accessories and warranties sell for more?

Yes. If you still have the box, warranty, and extra links left over from the belt adjustment, you are more likely to be offered a higher price for your watch. If the watch is in good condition, you can still sell your watch for high prices even if the above items are not included.

Can I sell a watch body without a belt or bracelet?

Yes, in most cases, we can make you an offer. We may find some watches difficult to buy, such as those with integrated belts or bracelets.

I received a higher selling price at another store.

We will do our best to meet your expectations, so please let us know how much the other company’s evaluation was.

Do selling prices vary from store to store?

No. All of our stores use the same standards for evaluation.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. We ask that customers make an appointment via WhatsApp first so we can make sure that the appraisal can go smoothly.

How long does it take for an appraisal at the store?

We estimate 10 to 15 minutes for a single item. It depends on the item and the quantity, so please ask our staff when you visit.