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At ALLU, you can sell various Hermès Kelly items at competitive prices, including the Kelly 25, 28, 32, and 35 sizes, the popular Epsom, Ostrich, and Lizard handbags, and carry wallets.

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Known as one of Hermès’ signature bags, the Kelly is one of the world’s most iconic and popular bags. The Kelly first launched in 1935, started out as the Sac-à-croire and was trendy among fashion-minded ladies of the time. However, it was a fateful incident that would really propel the bag to global recognition.

The bag was a personal favourite of Grace Kelly, Hollywood actress and Princess of Monaco, a media darling in her day but who, in 1956, was staying out of the public eye while pregnant with her first daughter. One day, she was photographed hiding her baby bump with her Sac-à-croire, an event that would make the bag a hot topic when the photos of the incident made the front pages. The president of Hermès at that time was thrilled to learn that the princess was carrying one of his brand’s bags and eventually decided to rename the bag after the actress.

The first highlight of the Kelly bag is its beautiful trapezoidal shape. Its sophisticated and elegant design is perfection to many, particularly with celebrities seeking an elegant bag. These days, while many brands carry handbags in the same shape as the Kelly, Hermès’ Kelly still has something special about it that sets it apart. Simple but elegant and imposing, the Kelly makes the wearer all the more beautiful and enchanting. If you have a Hermès bag you’d like to sell, please take advantage of our services.

Hermès Kelly Market Price

Prices are based on the condition of the item fulfilling the following requirements.
Prices may vary depending on stock and availability.


Unused Item Requirements

  • Unused
  • Complete with all accessories.
  • The warranty card is not unmarked and dated within one month of issuance.
    (*Excluding some models)

Pre-Owned Item Requirements

  • Good condition item with minimal noticeable imperfections.
  • Watch band adjustments are not considered.
  • Box and warranty card included.


Item Name Market Selling Price
Togo Black/Gold Fittings Kelly 28
Togo Black/Gold Fittings

Unused $ 153,257.79

Togo Gold/Gold Fittings Kelly 28
Togo Gold/Gold Fittings

Unused $ 153,257.79

Togo Etoupe/Silver Fittings Kelly 28
Togo Etoupe/Silver Fittings

Unused $ 150,481.59

Taurillon Etoupe/Gold Fittings Kelly 28
Taurillon Etoupe/Gold Fittings

Unused $ 153,371.10

Epsom Leather Deep Blue/Gold Fittings Kelly 28
Epsom Leather Deep Blue/Gold Fittings

Unused $ 130,764.87

Togo Gold/Silver Fittings Kelly 32
Togo Gold/Silver Fittings

Unused $ 133,597.73

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* The above prices are for reference only (tax included) and do not guarantee the actual selling price.

Selling Hermès Kelly at ALLU: Google Reviews

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    I brought in a Hermès Kelly piece to be appraised at ALLU. They offered a good price that was even higher than I’d expected—thank you, ALLU!

  • Ma****


    I was looking to sell my 28cm Kelly bag and ended up going to ten different locations. It turns out ALLU offered the highest selling price for my bag, so I sold it there. After visiting so many places, I can definitely recommend ALLU for their top-of-the-line prices—definitely give them a try!

  • A***


    I sold my Hermès Black Wallet at ALLU—the staff were very professional, and I had a great experience.

ALLU can purchaseImperfect ItemsRejected by Competitors



Worn Edges


Poor Condition


Loose Pieces

Sticky Interior

Stains Etc.

Example of Purchased Imperfect Items at ALLU

Hermès Bearn Soufflet Wallet
Hermès Bearn Soufflet Wallet
Purchase Date: January 2021

Hermès Bearn Soufflet Wallet

Selling Price

Year: 2001
Material: Box Calf
Damaged with scuffs, stains, and fraying on the exterior and interior. Metal fittings are also scratched and peeling.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25
Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25
Purchase Date: February 2021

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25

Selling Price

Year: 1994
Damaged with tears in the pull leather area. Scuffs and discolouration on the exterior and handles and scuffs on the interior. Metal fittings are also scratched.

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Pochette Bosphore
Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Pochette Bosphore
Purchase Date: February 2021

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Pochette Bosphore

Selling Price

Year: 2007
Item fabric damage with stains and scuffs on the outside and inside. Metal fittings are also scratched.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall 45
Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall 45
Purchase Date: October 2020

Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall 45

Selling Price

Damaged handles with discolouration on the exterior and scuffs on the interior and handles. Metal fittings are also scratched.

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Reliable, credible, and trustworthy appraisals

Our knowledgeable and experienced experts provide accurate appraisals
Appraisal and Customer Service Training

Our staff undergo thorough training under the tutelage of specialists in various fields, such as watches and jewellery, that allow us to provide the most accurate, detailed, and credible appraisals. We conduct periodic in-house tests to ensure our employees maintain their expertise and develop new skills. As professionals, we constantly strive to improve our skills to provide the most competitive appraisals.


Focus on providing high-quality customer service

Focus on providing high-quality customer service

We make the selling process as simple as possible, and our staff ensures that our customers understand and are satisfied with each appraisal.


We purchase a wide variety of items and brands

We purchase a wide variety of items and brands

We cater for an extensive range of items and brands and actively consider items in all conditions, even items our competitors may refuse to buy.


No selling quantity or price limits

No selling quantity or price limits

For customers with large amounts or significantly expensive items, we buy and pay on the day without any limits in quantity or value.


Quick and easy appraisals

Quick and easy appraisals

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Stress-free and private spaces

We strive to create the most stress-free selling experience with store spaces designed to ensure comfort and privacy.


Conveniently located stores

Conveniently located stores

ALLU stores are located in central areas for convenient access. Feel free to stop by while shopping or on the way home.

Customer Testimonials: Selling Hermès Kelly Items at ALLU

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    I got a great price for my bag!

    I got a Kelly bag that came as part of a mystery bag. Normally that would be great, but since the bag is pink and I’m a man who doesn’t really want to carry a pink bag, I didn’t have any use for it. I’m not married, either, and I don’t know anyone I could give it to, so I was at a loss as to how to get rid of it. But my friend recommended that I check out ALLU, a buyer that purchases pre-owned brand items like my Kelly, so I decided to have the bag appraised there. As a result, I got a great price for it! If I ever have the chance again, I’ll definitely be back to ALLU. Thanks for the excellent service!


    Thank you for selling your Hermès Kelly items at ALLU.

    Thank you for visiting our store to sell your Kelly bag. Since the bag had never been used, it was still in perfect condition with zero signs of use. Furthermore, since the Kelly is a popular model and currently in high demand with a high original market price, we were able to offer you a remarkable price for the bag. After some negotiation, we were glad to reach an agreement on a price you were satisfied with. The Kelly bag is popular among young women, and many people want to get their hands on one without spending an exorbitant sum. Demand for these bags has risen steeply in the pre-owned market in recent years. At ALLU, we specifically target these bags, especially ones in good condition like the Kelly you brought. Again, thank you for selling with ALLU. We hope you will visit us again when you have more items to sell. We look forward to serving you again.

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    When I heard the appraisal value, I sold my bag on the spot!

    I had a Kelly bag that my husband bought for me while we were travelling overseas. I’ve always admired the Hermès brand and loved the bag, but with fewer chances to use it these days, I no longer need it, so I decided to sell it. I visited the ALLU location near where I lived and hoped to get a good price for the bag. When I heard the appraisal value, I sold it on the spot! Thank you, ALLU, for the excellent service!


    Thank you for selling your Hermès Kelly items at ALLU.

    Thank you for visiting our store to sell your Kelly bag. During the appraisal process, we discovered that the bag was a limited edition model and, therefore, very valuable. That particular model has become scarce in recent years, which has caused its price to skyrocket and why we could purchase the bag at such a considerable price. We are thrilled to hear that you were satisfied with our offered price. Kelly bags—even standard models—are still in high demand and continue to fetch high market values. We hope you have a chance to visit us again. Thank you again for using our services.

Shop Information

You Need to Show Valid Identification to Sell at ALLU!

Required Form of Identification
  • Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Only one of the above forms of identification is required.
  • We can not buy items from customers under the age of 18 years old.
  • We do not accept identification documents that are expired or out-of-date.
  • Corporate customers follow the same selling process as individual customers. No additional documentation is required.
Visit our FAQ section for more information

ALLU Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell items that are broken or in poor condition?

Yes, we can often purchase such items.

For example:

Items that are worn or old
Items that are stained, dirty, or mouldy
Items that have wear and tear or discoloured
Items that are sticky or ripped
Items with broken handles

If you ever were refused by other stores when trying to sell your item for reasons such as the above, please visit us at ALLU.

Do items with the original box or accessories sell for more?

Yes. If you still have the box or accessories, you are more likely to be offered a higher price if you bring them. If the item is in good condition, you can still sell your items for high prices even if the above accessories are not included.

I received a higher selling price at another store.

We will do our best to meet your expectations, so please let us know how much the other company’s evaluation was.

Can I sell items at or above the retail price?

While some items can be sold at or above retail price, the value of most branded items tends to decrease over time. In many cases, if you no longer use the item, selling it as soon as possible is better to ensure a higher selling price.

Do selling prices vary from store to store?

No. All of our stores use the same standards for evaluation.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. We ask that customers make an appointment via WhatsApp first so we can make sure that the appraisal can go smoothly.

How long does it take for an appraisal at the store?

We estimate 10 to 15 minutes for a single item. It depends on the item and the quantity, so please ask our staff when you visit.